KKUP Board Of Director Elections

The nine member Board of Directors of the Assurance Sciences Foundation, dba KKUP FM, consists of three members selected by the staff, three members elected by the subscribers and three community members selected by the Board of Directors. Every year, one position in each category comes up for election.

To be eligible to run for the board you must be a current member of KKUP and have been so for a year prior to the election. In addition you must have attended two board meetings in the previous calendar year prior to the election in July.

When announced in May, send a proposal letter stating your qualifications and which Board position (staff, subscriber or community) you are interested in. You must be a member of KKUP to run for the staff or subscriber positions. You may only apply for one position.

Letters of intent should be sent to:

1231 Franklin Mall
PMB 9150
Santa Clara, CA 95050