Our Privacy Policy

It is KKUP’s (91.5 FM) policy to respect the privacy and confidentiality of our Members and Subscribers, past and present. That is our top priority. We will never rent, sell, share, loan or in any way release the personal information of our members to anyone without the members specific consent. Since we are not affiliated with any other institution of any kind, the information that you choose to share with us is secure here at KKUP.
We maintain electronic and policy procedures that assure your information is safe at KKUP.
Visiting our Website
We gather no personally identifiable information when visiting the KKUP website, whether you are a subscriber or not, without your specific consent.
Subscribing to KKUP
KKUP relies exclusively for funding from you, our subscribers. When you subscribe to KKUP we ask your name, address, telephone number and, if you wish, your Credit Card information. We store your contact information on a secure database that does not leave the custody of KKUP. We use the credit card information only for the purpose you intend and then shred that information. We do not save your Credit Card information at all. If you choose to pay by check, it is handled similarly. We will NEVER provide any information about you to any Third Party, without your specific consent.
Your use of the KKUP web site constitutes consent to the above policy.