Sunday Schedule

Time Program Description
12:00 am (1st) On the Verge (Verge Belanger) Verge may well do anything musical or cerebral!
(2nd, 4th) The Midnight Cruizers {The North Side Stories} (Stifler’s Dad) Lost soul & R&B Oldies classics, Old School Soul, Old School Freestyle
(3rd, 5th) TBA TBA
3:00 am (1st) On the Verge (Verge Belanger) Verge may well do anything musical or cerebral!
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th) Rock & Sounds Of The Decades (Sharkie Mike) 1960’s To Present; Plus Mixes Of “Oldies, Blues,
Jazz, Reggae”; Featuring Modern & Classic Dance Music…
5:00 am (1st) On the Verge (Verge Belanger) Verge may well do anything musical or cerebral!
(2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th) World Visions (DJ Manik) World travels of meditations in sound. Blessings and excerpts from yogis and philosophers. Live recordings of muscial performances. Website
7:00 am The Alan Watts Hour (George Byrd) Wake up while listening to a seminar by philosopher Alan Watts. Or listen
to a seminar by Alan Watts while waking up.
  • Enjoy an excerpt from Alan Watts’ autobiography
    “In My Own Way”.
    Or enjoy Alan Watts’ “The
    Joyous Cosmology”
    and other essays.
  • Additional information available at Alan
    Watts Electronic University
  • 8:00 am Neptune Currents (Steve Davis) Tranquil, expressive, meditative. Emphasis on electronic
    & electro-acoustic music, plus music of the Far East and other World musics.
    11:00 am Wimmin’s Music Program
    1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th
    (Laura Testa) Women’s music, news, & contemporary calendar. Interviews with
    local women movers & shakers.
    (3rd) Jazz (Susan Dee) Women In Jazz
    1:00 pm (1st, 3rd, 5th) Fools Paradise (Mark Owens) Two hours without format, Blues, Zydeco, Reggae, African & Caribbean music.
    (2nd, 4th) Classical Music (Susan Dee) Classical Music
    3:00 pm (1st) Sunday Serenade (Jim Emdy) Classical music from all ages for all ages, with a focus on local community
    music resources. I hope to offer an opportunity for young musicians from our area to discuss
    their art and perhaps provide live performances.
    (2nd, 4th) No Pigeonholes (Don Campau) The longest running program of home tapes and small studio productions in the
    world is also now broadcast on shortwave in Europe on Radio Marabu. Send us your home recordings for
    (3rd) Mostly Jazz (John Hayden) Eclectic Jazz, plus political commentary.
    (5th) Polynesian Breeze (Coco Fox) All Polynesian music: Tongan, Samoan, Fiji …
    5:00 pm A Meeting of the Ways & Bike Life Radio (Diane Solomon) Celebrating diversity, the varieties of religious
    experience, peace & justice, and the music of the World. 1st Sunday of the month is
    Bike Life Radio: Bicycling “doings” within Santa Clara, Santa Cruz & Monterey Counties.
    6:00 pm Canta Brazil (Xuxu & Maria, Lars Bourne) Hot Brazilian music …
    8:00 pm One World in One Hour (Lars Bourne) A musical journey around the world in one hour.
    9:00 pm Cupertino Barndance Honky Tonk, Western Swing, Rockabilly
    (1st, 3rd) (Stompin’ Steve
    Cupertino Barndance Website
    (2nd, 5th) (Record Rich)
    (4th) TBA